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Admission Policy


Admission Policy and Procedure

A parent planning to enrol a student at our schools must complete the student enrolment procedure. The enrolment process requires seven steps:

  • Initial meeting of the parent/guardian with school administration to go over the instructional philosophy, tuition payment, as well as a review of the school programme and facilities.
  • The Pre-admission form must be completed
  • After the approval of the pre-admission form by respective school administrators, the student is given a placement test (Fee applies).
  • The admission committee evaluates student placement test results.
  • A short interview is conducted by administration with the applicant. A decision is made based on the test results and general impression from the interview.
  • Completion of all student information forms.
  • Return of the completed forms, along with the registration fee.

Important Documents to Bring

Parents should bring the following materials to assist with the student’s placement:

  • Previous scholastic records from last school attended (last two years).
  • A recommendation letter from the last school attended is needed.
  • Evidence of date of birth or ID card, passport copy (if applicable)
  • 2 photographs
Important: School administration holds the right to deny any student’s application.

 Admission Package

Parents/Students/Guardians receive an Admission Package that includes documents such as the Admission Form, Tuition Fee Payment Plan, Student Handbook and the yearly academic calendar.

  • All of the above-mentioned forms should be filled in by every parent/guardian during

Previous to enrollment.

  • The Medical Form should be completed and revised when enrolling in school, to show student medical conditions or illnesses or medications of which the school should be aware.
  • It is important that parents fill in the important information concerning their children which includes emergency contact phone numbers, medical history, etc. In the event of any emergency, the school holds the right to admit the student to the nearest hospital, in case the parents/guardians of the student cannot be contacted.
  • The School office should be notified of any changes that might affect the Admission Process.